Happy Birthday!


Too cute! Came out a little blury in the transfer.


It's official... Winona's first birthday has been celebrated and re-celebrate and celebrated again. This time with a fun music sing-along with friends. As the pictures show, the birthday girl was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing, but busted a groove and clapped her hands when the music started. Happy Birthday, sweet Winona Lou!


Happy First Birthday, Winona Lou! We had a special celebration with Grammy and Grandpa Phil in town for the Thanksgiving/ Birthday weekend. Gammas Roberta and Marianne also joined us for parts of the weekend--lots of fun. Pictured here eating her birthday cake, coloring with G'pa Phil, at the park on her birthday with Daddy and riding her new bike from G'ma and KooKoo!


Pulling herself up to stand on her own.

Who's this guy and where's my Daddy?

Julie and Winona take in the beauty of Smith Rock National Park.


First pony ride today-thanks to this great horse from Cousins Henry, Lexi and Oscar. I rode around the living room while Bodhi acted as my shepard dog rounding up all of my stuffed animals. I love the life of a cowgirl.

I'm accepting offers for my real pony...


playing in my room
Gamma Love!
Gamma Birdie has the BEST toys
My new mode of transportation!


Waiting for the Eugene Celebration Parade...clapping for the band...and playtime at home...


Here I am with my new puffer fish... and trying to look like my new puffer fish. (Thanks, George and Jacquie!)
Next two shots are to show off how cooperative I am about bedtime ("Just one more book, please?" and "Bedtime? Are you crazy? I can CRAWL!")


Winona has a new playspace in our house... she's giving it a drumroll welcoming.


A couples of shots from last night's gig.

Just got back from a great trip to Wisconsin! Unfortunately, didn't have the digital camera with us, so we'll send out some old fashioned photos soon... Had a fabulous time on Lake Michigan with family, then headed to Madison for a fun and exhausting wedding weekend with friends. SO fun for me to introduce Winnie to Wisconsin-- and all the love of her family and the gammas!


The littlest angel...

I went on my first camping trip last weekend... and I loved it. Ate lots of dirt, got bug bites and stayed cool in the shade of beateous old growth trees right on the river. It was a good celebration of the beginning of my very first summer! Happy summer, everyone...!


HEY! The blog is working again! Well, the blog has probably worked all along, but our inhouse technology has not... so now we should be fairly regular with our updates again! She's sitting up, eating carrots, zucchini, spinach and rice cereal, trying out some new word-like sounds and growing teeth like gangbusters.
more soon....! love j,m and w


Happy St. Patty's Day, from a big, gurgling, smiley (not well represented here, but she's smiling a lot!) baby....
Love, Winnie


Sleepy girl... after a long, hard day of eating.
She's a big talker now... lots of long, expressive stories to tell...
but, of course, she's a good listener, too! :) The sides of her head are almost completely bald now. It takes some creative hair placement to keep the mohawk from being too prevalent.
Love to everyone!