Spring has sprung here in the Great Northwest and we celebrated by taking a little adventure hike yesterday to collect treasures. I found a pinecone, some moss, a worm and lots of sticks. I found a lot of flowers, too, but mom was pretty adamant about not putting those in my treasure bag, so I just smelled them, instead. Too bad. They would have made a heck of an addition to my treasure chest.

Mom and I played hooky from work and school today and went to the park to celebrate and evade the truant officers.

I made lots of pies, but because my mom gets kind of grouchy about too much sugar, I can be seen here assuring her that this pie is "without any ice cream, candy or sugar."
Happy Springtime!


This is what happens when someone asks three year olds to "SMILE!"

Better off getting the candid shot, don't you think? We're working very hard on making shakers. We're SHAKER-MAKERS (which we hope you find as hilarious as we did).

Fun, quiet weekend at home with family and friends (seen here still in my pjs this Sunday at noon). Hope you all enjoyed a happy spring weekend, as well! Good night...


Happy Spring Equinox, Everyone! Here's a little poem by Frederick the Mouse, one of my newest favorites, in honor of the season change...

Who scatters snowflakes? Who melts the ice?
Who spoils the weather? Who makes it nice?
Who grows the four-leaf clovers in June?
Who dims the daylight? Who lights the moon?

Four little field mice who live in the sky.

Four little field mice, like you and I!

One is the Springmouse who turns on the showers.

Then comes the Summer who paints in the flowers.

The Fallmouse is next with walnuts and wheat,

And Winter is last...with little cold feet.

Aren't we lucky the seasons are four?

Think of a year with one less...or one more!

...and now, it's snack time.


I like to sing songs to the baby in mom's belly. She was unsuccessful in her attempts to capture this happening live (too tight of a shot and weird angle), so here is the studio recording following the live event this evening. As you can tell by the second take, I've had a long night and am weary of the whole lullaby singing thing.


We had our 26 week appointment with our midwife this morning...here's a peek into how things are going with baby!