Welcome to the world, Winnie! She's smiling, cooing, and interacting with us... and it's the most precious thing in the world for Mike and Julie. It's funny how each stage somehow feels like how it will always be...and then something changes and I'm reminded that she's a growing little being-- full of her own wondrous surprises.


Two months old and starting to respond to the world!


The next generation of Eugene family and friends...

This is Winnie with Cole, 5 1/2 mos. and Josey, 22 months. Winnie and Cole will be sharing a nanny when Julie goes back to work in March, so these two will be very good friends (we hope!)... And Josey, as you can see, is already the doting and adoring "big girl!"


7 weeks old today!
Little snuggler...


Mama and baby getting out of the house for a day of errands...including a story/ sing-along time at the library which Winnie slept through, and a little time at work for Julie, which Winnie did not sleep through...
Papa and Winnie having breakfast together...


My first meal served by Daddy
Winona is learning to eat breastmilk from the bottle--giving Julie a little more freedom and Mike a little more bonding time (the latter you can see before your very eyes in the pictures, no?). This was a big day: first bottle...and first yoga class. If you ever want to be thoroughly entertained, head to the nearest Mommy and Baby yoga class. Forget all notions of yoga being a quiet, meditative exercise. It was fun, though, and we'll be back. I was grateful to do the workout and Winona entertained herself doing some stretching and lifting on her own on the blanket next to me, letting out a loud squawk every once in a while to take part in the cacophony of baby cries and squeals around us. Funny.


My first summit
The sun came out for the first time in weeks today, so we hiked up Spencer's Butte. The year 2006 is off to a fabulous start!