Today was a fabulous snow day! Played hard all day today--and I was not alone. Friends came over with skis, sleds and adult beverages and our house became The Lodge for the day... with people coming and going on runs down our street. Kids were called off all sled runs mid afternoon as it got pretty crazy out there, but my mom had the time of her life.
Below are a few shots of our street, me stockpiling my snowballs to throw for the dogs (and then get inconsolably upset when they chased it and smushed it) and in our backyard by the creek...


One more--I just can't get enough of the babes in bubbleland.

Seen here with my Gamma Sister Ione partaking in the very best activities life has to offer: bubble baths, art and babydolls. And here I am with Baby Linden. I LOVE visits to my Gammas!


Counting and reading. Go Winnie!



This is where you can find me these days. I'm in my circle-moon-wags-the-dog-airplane-boy-girl phase.




It's been a special time having Grammy and Grampa here. Who else could teach me how to draw Wags the Dog (above) or hop like a kangaroo (below)?

Have you ever tried pouring water from a cup to a bowl and back again 3200 times? You should. It's a total riot.
Happy Elf!
Yummy food for my kitchen! (thank you gramma and kookoo!)
Best. toy. ever. (thank you uncle brian and aunt wendy!)

How did I get through two full years of life before being introduced to the root beer float? Criminal, I tell you, criminal. (and if you think you're getting a bite of this Daddy, you've never been more wrong).
Seen here at toddler open gym at a local gymnastics studio. Do you see how far off the ground I am here? I was very. very. proud. AND! I jumped off. Yup, all the way down. By myself.
and to all a good night....