Happy Rosh Hashanah! Isn't life SWEET? If only we could drizzle honey over all of our food every day, it would be that much sweeter...


Mom and I went to the BIG school today: the University. It was a beautiful fall day and the students were all roaming around with their parents--just like me, only taller. We had a snack on the lawn and then went to the Art Museum, as seen below. Now, I nap, allowing my subconsiousness to sort out the meanings and nuances of the images I saw today.



Here are some of my neighborhood friends who come over to play with me.

I was about halfway home from school this afternoon, cruising along peacefully in the bike trailer, when I decided it was as good of a time as any:
"Yes, hon?"
"I wanna turn into a boy."
There was a silence that I didn't fully expect and then a rather silly question:
"Why is that, Nona?"
"Boys ride bikes!"


We began lessons in earnest immediately upon our arrival home.

Ok. Deep breath. Girls can do this, too. Sweet.


They said "Don't play with your food." I heard nothing about napkins.

Nothing marks the passage of time quite like the annual parade. Here I am trippin' out on all things crazy
in 2006...

And 2008!


Mom SAID it was time to go, then putzed around for far too long; so I took things into my own hands. Seatbelt? Check. Sunglasses? Check, such as they are. Garage closed? Check. Let's GO!

Thanks for the overalls, Grammy! This is my Frog Face.


Any vacation that ends with sharing ice cream on the city streets with Papa is a goooooooooood time....

Bu-bye, Lake Michigan. Until next time!
Two RIvers, Wisconsin: Host to FABULOUS kite festival! Thanks for arranging this for the weekend we were in town...

Fairies live here. I saw 'em.

I'm a MERMAID thanks to Aunt Jenny teaching me how.

With my friend Aidan. My mom met his mom when they were our size... and have been friends ever since.

Back from the heartland...and too tired to give much description tonight, so let the pictures speak for themselves. The first few days of our trip are captured in some highlights below... more to come on the rest of our adventure!


Aunt Jenny...!

WHo's having more fun?

Children's Museum wackiness...