HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! Below are some shots of my week long celebration with Gramma, KooKoo, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Tom, mom and dad (and Bodhi, Lucy, Cricket and Frida!). We celebrated a happy Thanksgiving together and then got going on the true meaning of the holidays: Nonie's Birthday. As the pictures show, I hauled in the loot--thanks so much, everyone! So far, I am loving my Terrific Twos! (At the present moment, I am paying honors to the proverbial other kind of "twos" and resisting nap time with every tool and resource I have to work with..."Daddy now!" Water?" Hungry!" Baby (her doll) Hungry!" Bodhi and Lucy!" Gramma? KooKoo?" The list goes on...).
Ladies and gentleman: The next IRON CHEF!

I LOVE my sheep from Ireland!
My cake started off with raspberry decorations, but I thought that was a rather frivolous use of perfectly good food, so I gobbled them up immediately.

Fashionista Fabulosa. Thanks Gramma and Kookoo for the outfit... and Aunt Jenny and Uncle Tom for the BOOTS!


At the park with mommy, daddy and grammy; at the zoo with Grammy and Grampa Phil, at a Jewish Deli with Uncle Todd and reading books with Grandpa G. It was a great trip and I've been asking about "AIRPLANES" and "GRAMMY" ever since. (Nothing personal, everyone else, but Abby the dog seems to be in third place at the moment).


After an All Day All Night Nona Rock Star Weekend in LA, I'm back home and expected to fully recover by the end of the week. The fam, the glam, the zoo, the park--I'll catch you up on it all after one more long night's sleep. Peace out, yo.