Went back to the farm today--with Daddy this time. Mom stayed at home to paint the bathroom (she apparently didn't want my help). It's okay, I got to play with Dad and the Goats!
Halloween Party Time! Isn't my daddy a cutie? He promises not to do this when I'm a teenager (but I don't believe it for a second). I'm a ladybug, not a strawberry, which would be more obvious if my antennas weren't drooping behind my head.

Early on in the night, there were games for kids (I was more interested in watching the madness).

Later on in the night, there were fewer balloons and mummy games, and more adult beverages and dancing. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite costumes (The Phone Tree, THe Chicken and the My Space Page (he had a polaroid camera with him and kept adding friends all night, and kept a tally of his growing numbers on a post-it pad. His back had 5 wipe boards and markers for comments. best costume ever). And, finally, here I am with my buddy Cole, the Lion.


It's sunny and 60 degrees today, so--what else?--Mom and I went to a farm just outside of town to see what sort of Fall Fun we could have. This was no ordinary farm, mind you. It had a cow train. That's right: a Cow Train. (No cows involved, however; see the picture). It went over hills and through the pumpkin patch and into a small corner of the enormous corn maize... it now, quite possibly, holds the title of "My Favorite Thing Ever." There were goats, llamas, horses, mules, cows and dogs... all pretty fun to see, pet and feed. I'm now one hour into what will probably be a looooonnnngggg nap (I gave my notes to my assistant to be in touch with you all while I slept). Happy Halloween week, everyone!


The final product represents my favorite thing in the world: "moonsun" (of course).

Seen here taking advantage of one of the MANY perks of having a membership at the YMCA. I have something akin to Rock Star Status at this place. It's a little overwhelming--I was glad to get in the water to swim with Daddy!


Tree Kisser! (TreeHuggers are SO 1992).
Hey! Did someone say that Thanksgiving's coming up?
At a roadside farmer's market on our way home from a hike yesterday....

It was a gorgeous and unseasonably warm weekend, so we took a few hikes to celebrate. Mom and Dad are starting to understand that when I bellow WALK! from the backpack, I'm not just commenting on the activity, but I really want to WALK! They get a little antsy about my pace, but they have no idea how many acorns, leaves, sticks and flowers that they are passing up without giving them the close inspections they are due. I can tell you that of the 489 acorns I found this weekend, very few of them actually had hats. Now that's information mom and dad would not have had to pass along to you. In other field report news, Lucy and I can attest to the fact that the river water was freezing cold, but we both made repeated trips into its depths to be sure.

Took a hayride this afternoon--through pumpkin patches and christmas tree lots. Saw cows, goats and turkeys... and a bald eagle soared above us for a long time!



Some turbulent tummies kept the clan at home today. By mid-day we were feeling good enough to bake some muffins and perform other compatible flour, honey and vanilla experiments, as seen here.