Hey, Ma! Could you check this out? I think the dog drooled on my head.

I plan on coloring her blue in retaliation.

Seriously? You're taking away the marker? How's a girl supposed to defend herself around here?

Fine. But I'm about to turn around, crawl to the cilantro and parsley and eat it.

Faster than you can say "Don'tcolorthedogdon'tchewthemarkergivemethatplease"

So there.


Happy Earth Day. Julie here... to say that I failed Earth Day. I bought a book that has to be shipped from Arizona. I took my car to a neighborhood meeting (you do the math), I used a paper cup for my water at said meeting, and turned the faucet on to fill the dog bowl and FORGOT about it long enough to drain the nearest resevoir. Oh, and I just packed Jezzy's bag for day care tomorrow with disposable diapers (they're leftover from a trip and it would just be a shame to let them go to the landfill unused, right?)
We got one thing right... we picked a salad from our front yard.
I ate it with all the redemptive gumption I could muster.
And said a little prayer to mother earth, promising that I would be better tomorrow. Happy Earth Day, every day. Thank goodness.
And, now, for your listening enjoyment: Winona Lou sings "A Fine White Horse" from, you guessed it, The Secret Garden.


Jez hangin' with Lu. Lucy being extremely patient.
W: It was a BEEYOOTEEFUL day today--made even better by a trip out to a friend's farm for a party. Here I am walking the grounds. Pictures of Jezebel are scarce since she is on the photographer's back. She was pretty cute, though, you have my word.
In case you were wondering, red sunhat, disco shirt, bikini top, striped black tights, clown tutu and jelly shoes are regulation croquet wear.
...and, turns out, surprisingly versatile as it made for a perfect hula hoop outfit, as well.

This place is gorgeous...
I think mom is considering becoming a farmer. I'll wait for an opportune time to remind her that she's already lost half of her chard to the neighbor dog-- hardly a track record that will allow us to live off the land.


Cousins! We Love Cousins!
..and we love pickles bigger than our arms. ...and we LOVE uncles who play princess games.

We went to The Happiest Place on Earth. Need I say more?
I went on stage and verified what I suspected would be true: I LOVE to go on stage.
Jez is clapping for me. Not the bar-b-que lunch. No, really, she's clapping for me.

...videos to follow.


Coping Mechanisms: by Winona "Sassy Pants" Lou

I'm learning that we all have things called "coping mechanisms." Today, mom's came in the form of a long chat with a co-worker and fellow mom about "managing attitude"-- out of which she got a frustratingly practical tool that involves some counting and a time-out if she gets to three. I'm learning not to let her get to three because, here's the thing: I hate time-outs. Which leads me to one of MY coping mechanisms: Lists.

I made this list when I was in one such T.O. (yeah, yeah, yeah--she got to three). When mom came up to relieve me of this torture and Talk To Me About Something Important (namely: No Talking Back. No Sassy Pants), I listened, apologized, then asked if I could read her my list of things I was upset about. She obliged--and I share it with you here. For those of you out there who are not 4-year-old-script literate, I'll translate for you: "There are some rules I like and some rules I don't like. I like, "Tell the Truth." That's important. I do NOT like Time Outs. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really do NOT."

Mom took this rather well. In fact, she said that I would never have to do one again...as long as I always did what was expected of me. This was exciting news and I ran off to play with my dollhouse, which leads me to Coping Mechanism #2: Pretend Play.
To work through some of my inner-turmoil about this whole episode, I thought it might help to replay it in real time, adding a few things (like a few well-placed kind, thoughtful words on "my" part) and deleting a few things (like the number three). All in all, I think Sister (in red above) learned some very valuable lessons about saying "NO!" to mommy (bad idea) and the importance of time outs (totally a fine thing in my world now that I know I'll NEVER have one. ever. again.)