We be jammin'.

Or, we may be syrupin'... the jury isn't quite in, yet. We're using a freezer jam recipe that does not call for any pectin or like substances, so the substitution comes in the form of temperature modification while boiling and stirring. I was a little distracted by a wee little Jez monkey while stirring and taking the temp, so we'll see what the final product actually is. I don't think we'll get many complaints if, instead of on toast, we'll have to have it over waffles.

Label art by Winona Lou. Rainbow and Strawberry pictured here.


It's the best season of the year: BERRY SEASON!!! Today, we went strawberry picking, came home, made jam and ate a whole. lot. of. strawberries.

Strawberries and cream forever.



Well, you know us, if it involves a ball, a scoreboard and blood and sweat, we are ALL over it. Ok, not really. It was the promise of hot dogs (for the short ones) and beer (for the tall ones) that got us to the stadium to take in a little Summer Americana this afternoon. (And we made it a suprise for dad so he had no vote). Mom insisted we ride our bikes-- assuming that the game would be rather miserable for everyone, we could at least say we had a great family bikeride. Turns out, we had a surprising amount of fun!
 Happy Father's Day!!!

We could just pretend that this is a sun hat. The reality was that, this afternoon, it was a rain hat.
J: Dad, seriously. If you drop me now, I will land on the biggest green foot I have ever seen. Please hold on.
J: Whatcha got in there and why are you holding out on me?

On a sunny day, a gorgeous view would be here revealed. As much fun as we had today, that was likely our annual pilgrimage to the land of sport, so we'll try to capture the view next season!!


Tonight was dress up night, as the pictures suggest. I, Winona, determined the cast (I, Cinderella; Mom the Fairy God Mother and Jez, the Prince). They were much better at donning their costumes than reciting their lines. Amateurs, I tell you; but I was patient and, thankfully, able to play the roles of all three.


This is going to be a FUN summer.


A little snippet into one of the best nights of my life thus far. (And this is Julie's voice). There was just something so hilarious and good and independent about seeing little Winnie's dance performance. She's been talking about wanting to be on stage for about a year, so she got her chance tonight. This video is brief and doesn't do it much justice, but that's Winnie on the left (yeah, that one--the one doing the steps--that's my girl!) I'm only sorry that you can't see her beaming little face. She was having a blast up there. But first: the makeup (another first). This is her teacher getting her ready to go on stage...


W: We aren't playing just ANY song here. We're doing a very special Happy Birthday song for sweet Jezebel who turned ONE today!!!

J: You're a killer guitarist, Win, loved the song-- but your cake decorating skills leave a bit to be desired. I'll be two before you're done. Could you speed it up? I've been waiting a year to taste sugar.
Seriously, I'm going to have to use my loud voice to let you know how I'm feelin' over here.
In a word: hungry.
Ok, now you're just losing me.

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. . Oh yeah. That's good. Well done.

I'm one.

Oh, and I walk. I am still choosing all fours when speed is of the essence (i.e. racing Winona, Bodhi or Lucy to a toy or dropped piece of food), but I walk.

I'm one. I walk. I have my very own doll now. I also have a bit of Oregon Wilderness preserved in my name (thank you, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Tom!!!). I squeal with delight when my sister plays games with me, which is often. I love to play music and dance. I crack my parents up with my ability to communicate with my intent squawks and squeals. I do NOT crack my parents up with my inability to sleep through the night... still. But back to the good stuff: I'm one.
And I really like chocolate cake.