And just to give you a glimpse into my musical versatility (you'll notice that here I sing about FROGS, whereas my piano composition was largely DUCK in theme). Forgive the unbrushed hair and room in a state of rearrangement and painting. Creativity strikes when it strikes.

I'd also like to state that I took some artistic liberties in my lyrics here, and urge you not to read into how "mommy" makes an appearance only to take the Green Frog Away. She's really quite prudent in her decisions about what she giveth and taketh away.


Sorry it's been awhile since I've been in touch here. I've been composing, which takes a bit of concerted focus. Here is a sampling of what I'm about to release to my public.


We heard a heartbeat tonight! 18 wks and a few days into this thing and it's true: a little brother or sister is on the way! I'm very fond of telling mommy that she is HUUUUUUGE(and she is very fond of replying that I ain't seen nothing, yet.)