Um, no. I absolutely did NOT get into the drawer of lids. You're totally delusional. I'm an angel.
Okay, so I got into the lids (for the 870th time today), but don't believe this girl's sweet smile, she can get into trouble too, you know. Okay, maybe not quite as much, but I'm just sayin'... she's had four years to perfect that innocent smile. Me? I'm just bein' straight with ya here. Need a lid?

A few more shots of our trip to the coast with Gramma and KooKoo! See more in next post...

There is simply no end to amount of fun to be had with food.

Ask Lucy.

W: Now that the sun is shining more often than not, we've busted out the bike trailer and introduced Jezebel to the joy of helmets, fun hills and big bumps. She's less than impressed thus far, and usually whimpers herself to sleep until we reach our destination. This is quite a feat, given that I like to sing--non-stop--when I'm in the trailer.

When Mike said, "It's a surprise!" he wasn't kidding. My 34th birthday brought MY PARENTS to the coast for a wondrous four days on the Oregon coast. It was incredible... Happy birthday to me!

We stayed in a house On The Beach. Perfect for...

art and games

digging and building and knocking down

beach walks

shelter talks

kite flying


night strolls
happy hours

jammin' and dancin'

lazy afternoons




I know, I know... I've been a slacker. But it's not for lack of pictures or events (coast! birthday! road trip!) It IS for lack of working computer with picture software. Working on it, folks. Working on it.


It's been a looooong run of wakeful nights...and sometimes her up times are REALLY up. Like playful, crawl around, sing to me up. So, as I oscillate between melting from sweetness and suffocating from exhaustion, I bust out the video.


Happy Mama's Day. I spent the day doing quite a bit of reflecting on the last 4 1/2 years that have defined me as a Mama. It all began here...on a morning that dawned with a double rainbow and the birth of wee Winnie Lou.

Three and a half years later, a thunderstorm brought with it sweet Jezebel.
Today, there was a thunderstorm and a rainbow.
And I have two gorgeous daughters who call me Mom
(or Mama, or MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! or Mommy or WAAAAAAAAAA! or some variation thereof).

I feel like the luckiest woman alive!


May= Sidewalk Chalk. Don't ask me why I'm wearing wool tights on this hot afternoon. My explanation would have to include why I insist on tank tops and skirts when it's 36 degrees and I'd lose you. I know, because I've tried explaining this to my mom 47 times and she just doesn't get it.
I am on the move. I stand and actually took what some might call a step today. Other might call it a stumble forward on my plummet to the ground, but those are the cynics.

My mom is teaching me to become a witch. She is enabled and encouraged by a friend of hers who sent her this awesome book of "Potions and Concoctions."
Okay, so despite my sly look, it's nothing all that supernatural. It's actually just a really fun exploration of how make stuff instead of buy stuff. Like detangler and facial cleanser.
Easy. Fun and so yummy smelling you want to drink it. Or I did, anyway. And tried, but was foiled again.