Reminds me of The Onion article:
 "Girl announces she wants to be a
Or, in this case,
a cheerleading doctor. 

I got me some new galoshes,
a baby doll
 and a Bucky Badger hoodie.
I'm ready for anything.

In honor of his rockstar focus on his health and well being lately,
Mike got a raw food Christmas Dinner... which we all enjoyed
(mostly) and, if nothing else, had a very fun
time experimenting with this style of
food preparation. I made a Gingerbread Cake
which was not raw, but vegan and gluten-free...
and it saved the day as far as Winnie
was concerned.

And this? Well, this just goes to show you that
the we know how to celebrate in supremely
classy style. 


The Christmas Eve "one present tonight" Gifts
were a hit. 
Treats for Team Santa. One plate for Santa ("because he's big")
and one plate for all the elves to share
("because they are small and there are lots of them")
an apple for the reindeer
and 48 straws
("because I have no idea how many elves he'll bring with him").
More careful consideration, arrangement,
rearrangement and planning
and arranging once more
has not happened in the history of food service. 



I really want to climb trees.
I really want to be less scared once I do. 

Don't lose me! I'm really tiny compared
to these trees!
Yup, mom. Time for boots.


So, by "decorate the cookies,"
you mean what exactly...?

She means THIS!
Stripes, Polka-Dots and other
fabulous designs!


Call it Solstice, Hanukkah or Christmas, it's the season of
fun creations and giving. So, we have gifts at the ready--
to take with us on spontaneous play dates or
to give to people who come a calling.
I've parted with three butterflies (one of
lesser known but important symbols of the season).

Hey! It's for you! Something about
wanting her hair accessories back.
I have no idea what she's
talking about.


Tonight, Winona and I, Julie, went to see the symphony's Yuletide Celebration-- a variety show featuring Tap Dancing Santas (hilarious and fabulous!), a 12ish person chorus, a phenomenol 20-25 minute or so rendition of The Christmas Carol in which ONE MAN did the entire thing as a monologue while a cast of 20 or so acted it out... simply incredible theater!, amazing soloist who sang a gospel called Rise Up, Shepards and O Holy Night--cried during both, ballerinas, battling xylophonists, Mrs. Clause, cute little elves and a finale appearance by Santa... all with a full symphonic backdrop. Whew. Amazing. Fun. Inspiring.

Winnie wants to get back into ballet classes and "see if Megan is doing anything new these days" (Megan was her ballet teacher last year). She really, really, really wants to be "on a stage like that!" I would really, really, really love that. The "Stage Bug" bit her at her dance recital last June (click here) and tonight's dazzling performance--all those young kids on stage!--brought back the itch.

No cameras were allowed in the theater, so you'll just have to take my word for it: Winona was pretty darn cute laughing and clapping and singing along!


'Tis the season to be crafty, Fa La La La La La La La La...
Quick! Do something fun! Mom's in the bathroom...
Hey! Nona! Got more blue? I'm runnin' low over here.
 And, in the spirit of crafting and in the spirit of, well, a pervasive feeling of late that if the holidays are NOT going to be about buying too much stuff and they're NOT going to be about an immaculate birth then they better BE about something. Especially with a five year old in the house. Turns out, five year olds LOVE those holidays...and their spirit is very contagious. But what? What are we celebrating? Neither Mike nor I is comfortable celebrating the religious Christmas, and the secular Christmas has been largely defined by copious levels of consumerism--which is unappealing at best. We like Solstice. We can get into the celebration of the season and the return of the light (the sun (son?) Ok, I won't start). The symbolism and traditions of the Winter Solstice resonate with us... and give us a fun, celebratory focus during this time of year when celebrations abound. We'll still open stockings on Christmas morn, and Winnie asked at bedtime tonight if she can go sit in Santa's lap ("Connor did it! I want to try!"). Sure, absolutely. It's all part of the fun. I'm looking forward to coming up with ways to make Solstice really fun...
and what our family looks forward to.
So, tonight I made our advent calendar for Solstice. We'll begin counting down tomorrow, and in 10 days--on the full moon--we will be there! At the shortest day and the longest night of the year...
At the peak event of the December celebrations at chez nous.


 Chappy Chanukkah!
 And Happy Winter! Today, after rearranging the living room to accomodate a Solschrisnakkah tree, we went to get it, brought it home and decorated it. I, Jez, checked out for a nap after getting the tree in the door, and left the hanging of lights and ornaments to the rest of the fam...
Because, I had to rest up for the annual Winter Lights Faire at the Waldorf School.
The Faire is a dreamy celebration of the season--with open fires, dreidel games, candle-making, silk-dying, wreath decorating, etc... fun happening throughout the Waldorf campus. Winona took in a puppet show, of which there are no pictures because someone, who shall remain unnamed, was not displaying her best puppet show audience behavior. We all made it through the (abbreviated) version of the Nutcracker, however. Winnie was rapt.

Came home, had dinner, watched the Wizard of Oz and fell fast asleep by 7:30.
There are definite bonuses to the shorter days, thinks mom. "Bedtime" can come mighty early. :) 


A typical scene at Chez Grossman.
I will scream a scream that will be heard by next Tuesday if you try to help me eat.
Or climb the stairs, Or turn the pages of the book. Try me.
I am Jezebel Alisa Dean Grossman, the Bold and Boisterous, and
I. Can. Do. It.