We went to the park a few times this weekend... and here are some shots of our growing selves. W: She does a lot of this. Today, my first words when I woke up were, "Mommy, is she big enough, yet?" in reference to previous questions regarding when Jezebel will be big enough to eat, play, paint, run, talk, sing, etc... Mom said, "No, not yet, hon."

Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, how about now? Not yet? Sheesh.

Okay, after all this sleep, she MUST be ready for SOMEthing. Nothing? Okay, I'm off to play with water and sand. And while you, Mom, are sleeping and you, Dad, are working, I'll just help myself to some snacks. (Yes, I took out the rice cakes, the pb and the knife--only made a little too much noise doing so, so mom caught me at this stage).

W: I'm taking pictures... and getting better and framing in my subjects!

...mostly. Although this is sort of artsy, don't you think?

I took this one, too!
Have I mentioned berry season?


Happy Father's Day...
(It's a day late, but we love our Daddy everyday so who's counting?)
Top Ten Reasons our Papa ROCKS! Mostly by Winona, but only b/c Jezzie cannot appreciate the finer Daddy Things In Life quite yet.
10. He plays us music.
9. He lets ME play music. With him. For him. A capella. Accompanied. Recorded. Live. Music. Music All Day All Night with Daddy-o.
8. He Gardens--flowers to make bouquets for mommy, berries for me and veggies for everyone (The berries are for everyone, too. I suppose. Theoretically.)
7. He sees the same fridge and pantry mom sees, but mom sees "nothing in the house." Dad sees a mexican fiesta dinner. And makes it. And cleans it up.
6. He says things like "Let's keep Winnie home today (from childcare)" and "It's okay, mama, I got this one" (when she's getting her undies in an unnecessary bundle), and "How can I help you, Winona?"
5. He is funny and thinks we're funny, too.
4. He's more likely (than other parental figures who shall go unnamed) to let me watch movies, stay up late, read just ONE MORE book, etc.
3. He plays HOP ON POP! Lots. Every time I ask.
2. He tells us Happy Little Girl Stories. Lots of 'em. Every time I ask.
1. He loves us "TOO MUCH!" Always. We don't even have to ask.

We love you, Daddy!!!!!!


Strawberry Fields.
Oh How I WISH They Were Forever.
W: There are two seasons in my world:
Berry Season and The Off Season.
Turns out, I much prefer Berry Season and this weekend is, essentially, the Berry Solstice--kicking it all off with STRAWBERRIES!

Yeah, that's a good one, Dad.

Keep up the good work, there, Papa.

Okay! Let's go home and make some shortcake biscuits!


W: Jezzy had her first really alert day today, which I'll let her tell you about, but it was fun to see her eyes for most of the day!
Mom and I made muffins during her morning nap...
This is my favorite part of cooking.

J: Like Winona says, I had my first really AWAKE day today. Ok, so these first two pictures are not a great representation of this, but mom thought they were funny.


W: So mom is under strict orders to spend "one week IN the bed, one week NEAR the bed and one week AROUND the bed." As we 'round the corner from NEAR to AROUND, I'm getting a little antsy for her to get up and going, already. However, it's been super fun having first my Gramma, then my Grammy here to play with me and keep all things running smoothly around the house (i.e. laundry is clean, dishwasher clean and emptied and yummy meals on the table each night!). I've been quite helpful myself, as you can see below. These windows, usually picasso-ed with doggie snuzzles now have nice streaky stripes on them thanks to my handiwork. (Mom says to tell you not to worry-- it's just vinegar and water in my spray bottle).

J: Since I tend to spend most of my days eating and sleeping, I don't have much to report, except for this little interesting tidbit:
my bellybutton is a perfect spiral.
Pretty cool, huh?


What's In a Name?
By the namers of Jezebel The Bold

We've had some raised eyebrows on the subject, so here's the scoop. Jezebel= Bold, boisterous. Once upon a time in a Judeo-Christian myth, there was a Jezebel who was condemned by god as a harlot and a slew of other ungracious, unforgivable things (those Judeo-Christians have never been too merciful to us girls, have they?) The namers of wee Jezebel Alisa have never been known for our religious devotion or our attachment to anything Judeo-Christian, so this little one comes without any of those strings attached. She's our little bold one; her relationship with god and man, we leave up to her.


So, I'm learning that along with a sister comes a lot of sharing. In that spirit, I'm turning over some of the narrative voice on my--er, our--blog to my wee sibling. You will be able to tell who's perspective you're getting by the obvious vocabulary differences between me, Winona, and the newborn, Jezebel. To weed out any possible confusion, we'll also give you an initial at the start of our thoughts.
W: This sharing thing is not so bad, so long as I maintain ultimate control.
J: Mmmmmmmmm. Milk.
See how it works? Since I have a three and a half year head start on my version of things, I'll let Jezebel tell you a little something about herself...
J: I came into this world at 9 lbs. 8 oz., 20.5 inches--5 ounces and 1 inch smaller than my big sis, so mama already likes me better. This rather compromised picture of me does highlight the magnificent midwife Colleen who helped me come into this world...

I'm a mellow, happy and peaceful babe, unless you try to change my diaper.
Let that be a warning to everyone.

I'm a good sleeper (too good. I haven't gained enough weight back, yet, according to my checkup this morning, so mom needs to wake me up in the middle of the night more often. And she thought we were already at the "sleeping through the night" stage. No such luck. Sorry, mom...just remember--5 ounces and 1 inch smaller.)


INTRODUCING...Jezebel Alisa, my beautiful little sister!

Here I am with Daddy, in the birthing tub, helping mama do the hard work of bringing Jezzy into the world.

She loves my snuggles.
Jezebel sleeps. A lot.

Mommy and I made a birthday cake during the early hours of her labor. Here it is the night of Jezebel's birth, as Gramma and I sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

More soon... computer is being weird.