WAIT, SUMMER, WAIT! DON'T GO ANYWHERE, YET! We're cramming in our summer fun...This weekend it brought us up to Waldo Lake with a group of friends, four of whom were under the age of three. (Yeah, if you think I'm tired, imangine my mom and dad. They felt obligated to ensure that we didn't run too deep into the woods or too deep into the water, which, in my opinion was a little excessive and more running around than was really necessary, but we all made it home alive and well and that's the important thing, I guess)! Anyway, I haven't been many places in this world, but this is pretty up there on the list of BEE-YOO-TI-FUL!

Some reading time and hang time by the lake during the day, then reading a book at sunset... Great trip!


Headed out to the Middlefork of the Willamette River this weekend for a little R & R, as seen here... and some hiking, napping and campfire lovin' as seen below.


Just spent a fabulous week in Wisconsin visiting G'ma, KooKoo, Aunt Jenny, Uncle Tom and Uncle Paul...and lots of friends, too! Had a fantastic trip. Here's my photo journal--enjoy! (Remember: you can double click on pictures to enlarge).

How many uncles and aunts does it take to draw a dog? I'll be over here coloring on the table while you guys figure it out.