This has nothing to do with my birthday, but here I am: floating. This is the kind of stuff you can do really well when you're three.

Here I sit like a bird in the wilderness waiting to be fed (do we all know this song?) I'm waiting for blueberry pancakes for my Birthday Breakfast!


I got some good books which I immediately took fireside and began to read, resisting the need to go to preschool today...

And if I had opened up the Fairy Ballerina Funky Dancer costume from Gramma and KooKoo before school, it would have taken a very serious effort to get me out of the house. Is this the most funky fresh costume EVER? Thought so.

"I wish I could wear my new dance leotard every day for the rest of my life!"

That's GROSS, Daddy!


Mom put jeans and a tshirt on my bedroom floor this morning, suggesting that this is what I was supposed to get into to get ready for pre-school. Finding it woefully uninspiring, I found a few accessories.


Daddy was out of town this weekend and we missed him terribly. We found solace in making music, making pizza and staying in ballerina/tinkerbell/princess wear all weekend long. (Gramma, mom wanted me to point out the cornucopia atop the piano. She thinks you'll be happy about this although you have some convincing to do on my part--what's the point of that much inedible food? I had to try the grapes to make sure, and sure enough. Inedible.) Halloween and all of its zaniness helped unearth my inner passion for dress up. The shelves here are Stage One of organizing the many scarves, tiaras and tutus we've managed to collect in my short three years...


Fun with my friend... Playdough-Making and Dance Party!