The Tent In the Living Room may just have to
become a Halloween weekend tradition. Simple and
spooky and a great way to make the "Time to leave
the party" line easy to swallow. "Yeah! I get
to go home to sleep in the tent!"
Little hands in the kitchen: Usually rinsed instead of washed,
always snitching the ingredients, ocassionally testing
mama's patience. Always adding sweetness
to the creations.

Sweetness. Scary, yummy sweetness. BOO!

Can you see my big ol' gaping hole where my bottom two
teeth used to be? They're gone now.

More to follow... Blogspot is being difficult and not letting me upload pics to a new entry. I'll keep trying and keep you posted!

Jezebel thought it would be fun to re-arrange
the hay. Winona thought it would be fun to
sweep it back into place.
Then we both thought it would be more
fun to dance and drum.

I'm going to my friend's 5th birthday party... in a dress
that fit me when I was two, but it's just so hard to say

I think the hay looks better over here. And here.
And here. 

His name is Herman. Herman Halloween.


Mommy took the day off today.
What better time to get a bale of hay, 

Bust out the yarn

tangle ourselves in yarn....

and make...
a Scarecrow!! Happy Fall...


I have a hole in my mouth!


Greetings from the couch. It was a beautiful, but very wet, weekend
so we passed the time reading library books...
...being arty,
and putting on puppet shows.
Eating apple pie with ice cream passes the time quite nicely.


As we tend to celebrate most things with the acquisition,
preparation and consumption of food,
the arrival of Fall turned out to be no exception.
I was a very good apple picker.

Well, someone's gotta test the product.

W: more to pick. J: more to test.
Hey Winnie! Check out the horses!

I REALLY liked the horses.

Little hands.

K, I'm good. Everyone ready?

The harvest was turned into applesauce
and apple pie.

And this. Mom and Dad were excited, anyway.