J: I don't do a whole lot, but what I do--smile!--I do very well, and often. I'm a happy little girl!

W: I DO do a whole lot, such as... build tacos. I'm a master taco builder.

And I climb trees. No need to draw attention to the fact that my feet have not left the ground. I'm a play it safe sort of gal.

I also like to take walks with my mom and Jezz along the river...


This weekend was dedicated to cleaning and cooking. I repeatedly asked for "fun chores," such as cleaning the top of the coleman fireplace.
Guess what I'm doing here? No, not replacing the drywall, silly! Baking bread.
Jezzy likes the B-Bears almost as much as I do. If the video had been on here, you would have heard me say, "Mom, don't waste the batteries." She takes a LOT of pictures.


J: Had my 2 month appt with my pediatrician today (a couple of weeks late but who's counting? Not my mom, apparently). I'm not complaining, however, because if it were up to me, I'd postpone these unfortunate appointments until my teenage years. Nothing fun at all about being poked and prodded.

To add insult to injury, my Doctor teased my mom about not washing my neck, to which my mom replied, "Neck? She has a neck? I thought the neck came in about the same time as the teeth."

I'm not laughing.
But, here are the stats: 23 3/4" long. (79th percentile) 12lbs. 6 ozs (69th percentile) and a 15 3/4" head (65th percentile).

And this I throw in here, because
I need the world to know that although I may have a dirty, seemingly
non-existent neck, I have my pride. My sister, on the other hand...There's a video, too, which I may have to post at a future date.


I got it!


J: Ok, we've rested up a bit and are ready to tell you about our camping trip to the coast. In a word-- it rocked.

W: Yup. It rocked.
Adventure= Two river crossings with guitar, two kiddos, and a dog who won't get his feetsies wet to get to beach. Here's Daddy plotting our course.
And helping me out a little.

The easier, and very pretty, part of the journey to the beach. W: I'm way back there.

J: My first view of the coastline, the mighty Pacific...

...and the sand. Can you tell how very impressed I am?

W: In an effort to discourage gender bias in my play things, mom built me a grand track for my cars and trucks. Apparently, I have cars and trucks. Not sure why. Neither they, nor this track, interest me in the slightest. Yup, so thanks, mom. I'm going back to build fairy princess sand castles with Daddy.

...and hunt for sea crabs!

Daddy found mussels...

...which were delicious.
W: I discovered that I LOVE to do dishes. Upon our return home, Mom and Dad sold our dishwasher and replaced it with three plastic blue tubs. I guess I was a little too enthusiastic about the dish washing.

It wasn't all hard work. Turns out, I discovered my favorite food on the planet:

Our campsite was on a creek, which provided endless hours of entertainment in the form of: throwing stones, crossing over and back, rock painting, watching for fish (wildlife tally to follow), working on my balance on the river rocks, building rock sculptures and dunking my little sister's toes in the cold, cold water. Wildlife sightings: Three snakes, a slug the size of my foot (bear with me, it gets better, but the slug was huge enough to be worthy of the list), bats swooping down on the river to eat, fish, crazy little fish that we thought were little sticks, a huge crab (alive), mussels (as you've seen), sand crabs, blue heron, sea lions (told you it got better) and, a drum roll please: WHALES! THAT was awesome!
(J: Yup. Cold.)

FYI: Fairies live here.
J: Hey, Mom? Dad? Can we go camping again next week?


J: Just got back from the best camping trip of my LIFE! Everyone's about as sleepy as I was in this camp fire-side shot above, however, so more pictures will follow soon....


W: We went to a wedding this weekend where I danced with friends and

demonstrated my finest table manners by licking my cake plate. (Mom really tried to get me to stop, but I was getting encouragement from everyone else at our table and the three surrounding tables, so she was absolutely overruled).
Here I am adding my flower to the beautiful arbor under which they were married.

The next day we went to Faerieworlds Festival, where I danced while Daddy played with the Merry Meeters.

Happy Birthday Hula! (Still 5 minutes left of your birthday here, Aunt Jenny!)