HOT! Suddenly, after weeks of colder than average weather and overcast days, it's sunny and mid-90s. We went camping despite the uncomfortable heat, and found respite on the shores of a tributary of the middlefork of the Willamette for a nice, long afternoon "nap." That's "nap" as opposed to nap without quotes meaning the kind that doesn't actually involve any sleeping. Rather, we threw rocks, sticks and leaves into the water, painted pictures, sang songs, chased ants and butterflies, and jumped on Mom and Dad if they showed any signs of taking a real nap. Who could sleep when it's this hot, anyway? What's that, Mom? You could have? Well, you had more fun playing with me. Promise.


Here's a peek into Dad's labor of love...the garden. These pictures do not do justice to the spectacular things--some edible, some aesthetic--starting to burst forth from the earth around our home!


Blueberry bushes

Some of the veggie beds in the background, with some starts, blueberry bushes, and what will soon be flowers in the pots in the foreground.

Fresh salads every night now!

We love spring...
Did someone say "waffles?"

Dad made waffles, fruit salad and bacon ("hmmmm. baaacon.") for a festive Mother's Day breakfast--an event, I think, that with a little planning, could be worked into our every day lives. We also went to feed goats in celebration of Mother's Day (and again, I see no reason why this can not be a more regularly scheduled activity). All in all it was a fabulous celebration of mom. She seemed to have a pretty good time, too!


Tea parties and forts can wear a girl out. Happy May!