Lovely September

The First Day of School seems like years ago already, but here are the wee Grossmans, 
heading off to pre-school...
 And 1st Grade! 

 They made their own pizzas that night to celebrate another year of fun and learning.
Preschool is a little bit exhausting. 
 Mom was in Chicago for a few days for work...

 ...and heads out tomorrow for a few days in San Francisco for some more work, so we three are doing a lot of this these days: 
 This month has been epic, weather-wise (we had it coming after a cold summer), so we went to the Farmer's Market this weekend to celebrate the first weekend of our most beautiful season.

 And, then, our annual trip to the orchard for some apple pickin', followed by some applesauce and apple crumble makin'... yum. 

 This morning, Winnie had a date with a little friend to go to a bakery and play in the sandbox, so Jezzie  and I had a date of our own. It's so fun to spend time with the girls separately-- their little personalities shine all the brighter... and this little one just chattered, chattered, chattered the whole bike ride to the library and back--so many stories to tell and questions to ask. Hilarious.


Wisconsin: The Movie

Our trip to Wisconsin...click here!

Winnie Improv

Summer Play

New shoes. Check! First Day of School Clothes. Check! Crayons. Check. New Teacher's Name. Check! (Ms. Anne!--yeah!) Packing in lots of summer play...Check, check and check!

 We discovered a couple of great "close in" lakes this summer, making for great day trips and picnics.
 What we haven't done a very good job of is getting Winnie out on her bike. I was sure that by the time first grade began, we'd be riding off together in the mornings, but alas, living on a hill has its drawbacks... we don't get much practicing in. Maybe this fall...??
 Daddy took us camping! (While mom had the house to herself for two whole days... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.)
It's been a happy, hilarious summer...with lots of adventures, big and small. Winnie is very excited for first grade. Jezebel is non-plussed that she has to head back to the same old pre-school room (even though she really does love it) so we're focusing on how she'll be one of the Big Kids this year and, as such, a Very Important and Highly Responsible Rainbow.
 Ah, Summer!