Diapers are for babies. Here I am performing one of my favorite tricks these days. "DIAPER OFF!" Based on the reactions I've received, this is perfectly acceptable behavior when camping--not so much in the produce aisle at the market. If you ask me, a bulky, wet discomfort is a bulky, wet discomfort no matter where you are, but parents are sort of weird that way.

Went to the beauteous Oregon Coast with friends this weekend... seen here in front of our luxurious camping abode, a yurt! Highlights: purple star fish, touching sea anenome, wading in the tide pools in my rain boots and drinking hot cocoa...

Before anyone panics or turns my mom into DHS, this is not a drop off behind us.

Some days, the only thing to do is play music, eat a snack and wait for the tide to roll in. We like those days.