And, by that, I mean about as mellow as they come. 
We took a walk to a friend's house who was turning 30-something and celebrating by serving cake all afternoon to anyone who stopped by. Yes, please! 
 We painted rocks while mom planted beets and unleashed some serious wrath upon the ivy.
 We watered stuff. (VERY helpful. :)
 And then did some more of this...

We were having so much fun together and so enjoying the weekend, that  mom didn't even make us take a nap/ quiet time. That's unprecedented, folks.
She put us to work, instead. We're painting the front door blue!
 "After" pictures will be posted when we finish the job. 


There is a big ball of yellow up in the middle of a blue sky. 
Temperatures are soaring to heights that have inspired me pack up the wool hats and replace them with sun hats. We just got back from a fabulous family bike ride and the girls are, well... see for yourself:

Swimsuits and lemonade!

 Garden picnics!

 And a new bike!  No Training Wheels...I can't quite do it, yet,  but soon!

In other news, I LOVE to help cook. Like.... really, really love it. I will stay focused on a task ("grate the cheese" or "cut the avocado") for great lengths of time and then ask, "Can I help? Can I help, please?"
Pretty soon, I'll be sending Winnie to the store on her bike to get the ingredients for Jez to make dinner. But, alas, not tonight. Off so see what's for dinner! :)


Hoppy Easter

 If she'd had a halo on, I would have thought I'd died. 
Turns out, it was not an angel, but an easter bunny...at 6am.

 A really sweet, incredibly excited Easter Bunny. 

"You got me up at 6am for this?" 
Actually, she was very excited. Because Winnie was...and because there was chocolate involved. Chocolate that mom let her eat. At 6 in the morning. 
(Have I mentioned that our day started early?)

 These shots were taken much later in the day... after some forced naps. We had had two big parties the day before and in case it hasn't yet been made clear, our Sunday started early, so after the Easter festivities were over (by, um, 7:15), we had breakfast and about two hours of meltdowns and bickering before we took a little Easter QUIET TIME! Everyone woke up in much better moods. So we donned our bunny ears and...

Because nothing says "SPRING!" like carpeted walls, day glow clothing and the smell of nachos.
It was actually hilariously fun (and absolutely like stepping into 1981). Winona loves skating... and got quite good on that rink with the skating Easter Bunny. She can't wait to go back. I can't wait to buy her some roller skates so we never have to.

We came home and busted out the grill for its inaugural 2012 run. While the burgers grilled, we had a little deck jam.

Jezebel is pictured here pouring her HEART into "Where is Love?" from Oliver. She had her eyes closed, head thrown back, lungs belting... the whole song. Our neighbors are grateful that it's a short one.
And then, to bed. 'Cause we'd been up for a looooooooooooooooooooong time. Happy Spring, everyone!!!!