I meant to post this in the previous post, but uploaded a still shot, instead. 
Here's Honeybee, as performed by Winnie Lou.
It's been awhile, so I'll be brief on words and big on pictures
 (which, it's been said, each equal a thousand words). 

Here's what we've been up to:

Lemme just get this outta the way. I have 'tude now.
Attitude, that is. I can give it. Mom and Dad reign it
in pretty fast, and I don't actually use it very often,
but the point is, I'm not wee babe, anymore. I have
strong desires and real disappointments and 
sometimes, it's hard to find the best way 
to let people know about them.  

 I am learning new words
and keeping up with my sister in new and 
fun ways. We play together more every day
and make each other laugh. Sometimes, I make her cry,
but she usually has it coming. 

This is a letter that I, Winona, composed to my wee sis this 
very evening:
 "Dear Jezebel. Please stop screaming.
 If you don't, I'll have to walk away. 
Love, Winona"

We love to make music together. 

But, let's be frank: I'm the one taking lessons and sometimes,
an artist needs her space. 

That's cool, Winnie. Whatever. I'm up here messing up your stuff.
Or, setting us a Tea Party. Wanna come?

Oh, let's just play another duet!

Or, decide that although that was a nice story about Martin Luther King, Jr. and all, Mom, we're really excited about Valentine's Day and here are your valentines that we made you while you were at work, 
and here is the present we wrapped (all their hair clips and bands wrapped in some cloth from my sewing stash)...and...and... and...it's a SURPRISE VALENTINE'S PARTY!! 
So, what's a mom to do? The Poetry Slam in honor of MLK at the theater was not enough to distract her. Valentine Party it was... cake and all. I think Dr. King would have approved.

As you can see, it's been a lot of at home time. Mostly, we're waiting by the phone, hoping to hear that someone has seen or has our dog, Lucy, who went missing on January 6th. We keep the hope that she'll come home...and in the meantime, the desperate hope that she is warm, healthy, fed and loved.

And, life goes on, surprise Valentine's Parties and all. Counting our blessings and 
praying for Lu!!!! 


A story: The other night, I was singing a lullaby that goes, "God bless the moon and god bless me..." in one part and Winona stopped me to ask, "What is God?" Of course, she had to get me at the end of the day, not right after my morning coffee... so I took a deep breath and blubbered through a few different descriptions and definitions involving phrases like, "invisible" and "touches different people differently" and "a force we can't see, but can feel" type stuff... After a long pause during which I sort of hoped she'd fallen asleep she said, "So, God's like a germ?"

Um, no, not exactly, can we talk about this in the morning? Nope, she needed more info. So the conversation continued and I think I managed to distinguish God from a germ, but in the course of the conversation we'd touched on how one could see germs under a microscope. The topic was changed, without segue, and we moved on.

Then, "Okay, Goodnight, Winnie."
"I want to see it under the microscope." 
"What do you want to see? Germs?"
"No. God."

Well, alrighty-then. Me, too. 
 Happy New Year! We think the coming year will be full of parks, princesses, silly stories and songs, dance parties and dress up... 
lots of giggling, some fun adventures, and lots of time together. 

 In case you don't recognize me, I'm Jezebel The Badger Fan. G'ma and KooKoo see to it that we keep the Badger Spirit alive. Bummer Rose Bowl, guys, but I'm still a fan... I've got the pants to prove it
 First Course: Cheese Fondue. Second Course: Chocolate Fondue. 
So far, 2011 is a very good year. 
 We watched the ball drop in Times Square, kissed everyone, drank some fizzy apple cider then spent the night in our tent (in the living room).
 It's been a nice, long run of lazy play days, lots of sunshine (cold! but sunny) and fun days together. Tomorow, mama heads back to work... and I'm taking another day off. Don't want to rush back into things.
As a final holiday treat, we took some of our strawberry jam out of the freezer for our bedtime snack and glopped into onto some buttery bread we made today. mmmm. Wishing you all the sweetest year, yet!!!