We just returned from a fabulous coastal getaway with Grammy and Grampa. Our house was perfectly situated ON the beach, so we could watch all the storms roll in (and out and in again) and watch the tides do the same. I learned about High Tide and Low Tide-the former keeps you from playing on the beach. Here I am checking out the view with Grampa and Lucy.

Went into town to get groceries and check out the sites.

Grammy and Grampa took us to the Aquarium, which was pretty much the coolest thing. Ever. Highlight (unpictured) was the feeding of the seals, although being inside of a fishtank with papa was up there.

Mom's favorite:

Walk through tunnels--fish and sharks and scuba divers above and below.

But mostly, we did art,

played games,

read books (thank you Gramma and KooKoo and Aunt Jenny!)

listened to music,

played music,

enjoyed the spectacular view,

took some walks on the beach,

and played in the backyard (while mom climbed a tree).

It would have been an altogether perfect vacation if Grammy and Grampa hadn't been eaten by a shark.


Happy Hanukkah!

I helped make potato latkes.
Here I am in my new canopy tent!


We went to a Solstice Party last night at a club downtown (that's right--I went clubbing). Instead of a mosh pit, however, we did a spiral dance and invoked the good spirits of winter. Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit. Now, before any of you get on a plane to come and rescue me from a Wiccan coven, you should know that I sang Jingle Bells all the way home. December is full of fun, as it turns out.

Mom and I getting ready for a night on the town. Good thing it's one of the longest nights of the year: I'm ready to PARTY!


Some holiday tunes for you. (Sorry it's so dark. For some reason we always do these videos right before bedtime when the lights are all turned down).



The snow did arrive, after all; one day later than expected to everyone's delight. Monday snowdays are MUCH more fun than Sunday snowdays.

As you can see by the look on our faces, my friend Maya and I needed a little bit of convincing that this was going to be fun. If anyone could rally us, though, it was our moms, whose enthusiasm was almost embarassing.

It didn't take long. Turns out, if you sit down on one of these sleds, gravity and ice work their magic to create some serious fun.

I got a litte cocky...

..and paid the price. (I'm actually about to laugh here, not cry. Just to set the record straight).

This stuff is not only fun to play in, it's fun to eat! (Yes, my fingers are numb, but before anyone gets too hard on my mom, know that I was being quite obstinate about not wearing gloves to the point where I believe my mom's words were something along the lines of, "Alright fine. They're your fingers." Funny how it takes adults so long to figure out the most basic of things).

After this, we went over to another friend's house for pumpkin muffins, hot apple cider and a thrilling round of Kiddos In Hot Pursuit of Poor Old Cat Who Really Wishes We'd Go Back Outside.
Snow days are very good for the soul.


When we didn't get the record-breaking blizzards on the valley floor that we were promised, we went in search of some snow of our own.

Here's a little, but not enough for my snowman.


I wasn't the only one who found peace and happiness on our adventure... Bodhi loves to burrow his nose and romp like a little snow plow, which cracks us all up, but is hard to capture on film. Lucy had a little adventure of her own when we ran into a woman who brought her pet rabbit (!) out to romp in the field. Lucy started off curious, became frisky and playful and then launched into a full-fledged bunny chase that mom and dad were pretty sure would end very, very badly. Bunny fled into some bramble that trapped them both long enough for a rabbit rescue, and we were all very relieved. Except for Lucy, who was just pretty bummed.
Came home for some hot cocoa, a pb and j, a minor tantrum ("I'm not TIRED!") and a nap, which I am now two hours into, and sadly therefore proving mom and dad right about the whole tired thing. Hate it when that happens.



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Here are a few things I've said recently that sort of crack my mom and dad up, so I thought I'd share:
"Whoa! It's froggy out this morning!"
"Can I go out and jump in the muddles?"
Winnie: Mom, can I have some water please?"
Mom: Sure, babe, nice asking.
Winnie: I didn't even have to whine!
Dad (at piano): This is C...D...E..
Winona: Where's the W, Daddy?
I swear my hippy parents did not put me up to this. It was completely voluntary.

It's unseasonably warm these days. So people tell me--not having many Fall Turning to Winters to compare it to, I'm no expert; but this 60 degree Saturday was a good day for the park.

And a FABULOUS day for the Nutcracker. I loved it.

I came home and immediately began rehearsals......in great earnest. (This is my "I'm very emotional about this" face.)


Some snapshots of our Thanksgiving Day.
I made Pumpkin Pie (and let mom help me. She likes that.)
But I had to take over for the big stuff.We took a mid-afternon Candyland break...

and then... CHOW TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a delicious dinner and wonderful to spend it with Grammy and Grampa Phil!

I'm learning to SWIM! And getting pretty good, if I do say so myself.

It's sort of strenuous, this swimming, so every once in awhile you just need to chiiiiillllll ooouutt.

Grammy came to watch and video my swim lessons this week. So here I am, showing some of my moves... I love my teacher!