On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever

Theoretically, I went to work today. I putzed around, cleaned off my desk and responded to an email or two before the BRIGHT SUN could no longer be ignored. I swung by home to pick up the wee gals and furry pups and off we went to a nearby beloved hiking spot.
We VERY nearly summitted... and would have had it not been for the sky to begin to show the subtle beginnings of a beauteous sunset. A sign for me that we should take a quick rest and then turn around and head back before too much darkness or cold set in. 

Only had my phone camera on me, so you can't really see the four white capped mountains in the distance, but we could see them clearly... Fantastic!

I could almost hear Lucy saying, "We used to do this like 4 times a week before the two legged kids came along, you know." I know, Lu. I know.

Dude. That was a serious hike and nap.  FEED ME! Latkes and applesauce! Happy Hanukkah!

Visions of Sugarplums Danced In Their Heads...


Here Comes The Sun!

We had a merry Solstice Celebration last night... 

Winnie made Daddy a pillow!

And we got dollies, whom we love.

After a yummy meal, we spent the longest night of year camped out in our living room!
Welcome back, Sun!

And then, what can only be described as a PERFECT holiday treat: a fancy holiday tea at a local b&b thanks to Aunt Jenny. Mark Lewis was the guest storyteller (as seen on Grimm and as heard in the Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland) and he was phenomenal! 

Note my extended pinky. 

more soon. Mama's off to finish off a work day or two and then take some time off!! xox, all... hope your days are full of gratitude and joy!


Because we absolutely have a 300:1 ratio of Hours of Winnie On Camera to Hours of Jez on Camera
here's a little solo time for the second born
("Jinger" Bells is not unique in its inclusion of the phrase "my booty"--every song gets so blessed when sung by dear, sweet and always appropriate JezMonkey.)

Happy Holidays!


Musical Musings...What IS it about?

"Is it about a baby, I never ever knew?
Is it about a guitar that is covered in blue?"
ji ji ji ji ji ji ja. ji ji ji ji ji ji ja.


Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The holidays have arrived with bells on at chez nous. There is no more quietly slipping through or wondering if "they get it." 

They get it. Big Time. SO...we have an Advent Calendar (counting down to the First Day of Winter--Winter Solstice), a Menorah, a Christmas Tree and a holiday music soundtrack everpresent in the background.  Don't get me started on Kwanzaa. I don't even want to know about it, because I'm sure there are some awesome, crafty, delicious traditions involved and for the love of the sweet baby jesus, we have enough going on already. 

And so, let the good times roll. The theme of this weekend was Nutcracker Remixed and Holiday Home Makeover... A few shots to fill in the details:

We're making handmade and homemade a 
strong theme of the holidays around here. 
Winnie worked on some items on her new sewing machine and embroidery ring today while I made this to add to the festivities in our home...merry merry! (Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, New Year, Kwanzaa implied. A girl only has so much felt and yarn).

Winona made her debut on our little city's GORGEOUS theater's stage this weekend... as a Bubblegum Baby in Nutcracker Remixed. She was glowing and confident and magnificent and Mike and I beamed like fools through her whole dance. Jezebel just kept asking me for bubblegum and candy thanks to the inter-song narrative about the land of sweets. (Note: the really cool frogs in the background of this picture taken on the balcony level of the theater's lobby.
Makeup and hair, done! Tutu, check! 
At dress rehearsal, awaiting her turn to dance. 
The Little Ballerinas in awe of the Big Ballerinas. 

We like this season.