I have teeth! Which means that I am eating lots of good stuff that mommy and daddy make, like carrots, sweet potatoes, and tonight is the debut of pureed lentils. Bon appetit! And I am seen here in my "ready to launch" position. I am a dynamo of movement and cannot WAIT to be mobile.

W: All the new goodies sit under the tree while I play with a 30 year old jewelry box (it was mom's when she was a kiddo) and Jezzy....

...plays with socks. Note to Santa....

J: No one makes me laugh like my sister. No one.


W: The day could not start early enough! As promised, Santa came, and I am one excited little girl.
We both got some really good books-- and here we are enjoying them, each in our way...
Jez does not fully appreciate the magic of Santa, yet, but she picks up on her own little happy vibes and smiles all day, anyway! Might be partly as a result of the Happy Piggies book in her lap.

Technically, mom made these shirts. But I did the artwork. Mom did make my princess veil, which looks a little more like a nun's habit in this picture than any of us would like.

Santa brought mama and me all the fixin's needed to make a graham cracker cookie "gingerbread house." I would like to just say, for the record, that the design and execution were entirely mine...

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a Good Night!!!


Whew! We've been so busy celebrating birthdays, Hanukkah, the Solstice and Christmas that we haven't been too diligent about our picture-taking and sharing... but, we're having a great season and hope you are, too!

J: I am the littlest angel.

...She's the craziest angel.
All these celebrations make me sleeeeeeepy.

Mom won't let me eat bags. Glad we got this on film so I have witness to this grand injustice.


W: Now that I'm a big girl of FOUR, I get to have big girl parties. Like Tea Parties.

At Tea Parties, you don't just eat fruit, you have Fruit Kabobs.

And the sandwiches, while still the crowd-pleasing pb and j or cheese and cucumber, are in the shapes of butterflies and stars.

And this is all daintily consumed under a canopy... of course.

And no party is complete without cupcakes.
Happy Birthday to me!
(I think the birthday celebrations are over for the year. I say "boo;" mom says "phew!").


J: Tonight, mom walked into the house with a tree. That's a first.

Then Winona started unpacking a whole box of toys with little hooks that mom kept reminding her to keep away from me.

So far, I'm not seeing the fun.

My sister, however, was SUPER excited--dancing and singing about how much she loves Christmas, making repeated mention of cookies and presents.

Mom kept trying to get something in there about Solstice.
Uh-huh, whatevs.

And then there were pretty lights! I'm starting to catch on.
And if you let me chew on this gingerbread ornament, I'll sing Jingle Bells with ya, mom.
When it was all up and decorated, Winona read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to Bodhi (foreground), Lucy and me.
I get it now.


A) It's cute. B) It's ridiculously rare.