How Do You Like 'Dem Apples?

Happy Fall! We celebrated by going apple picking.

And apple eating.

And then there just comes a time when if mom wants more apples, 
then mom can darn well PICK more apples.
All that hard work paid off, with applesauce....

and apple pie.

So fall, so good (sorry).

The Student Life

I have homework now. 
Here I am completing my very first homework assignment 
--rumor has it, it's not the last.
So far, I'm good with that!

My favorite food is: Caesar Salad (Mike makes a killer CS).
My Favorite Song Is: Moses Supposes (Singin' in the Rain!)
As a family, we like to: Go camping and play music (reflected in the picture she chose. :)

But, don't worry about me too much, I'm finding a good work/ play balance and taking study breaks aplenty. So far, homework has not cramped my style. 
More on my weekend to follow.


Campfire Strummin'

Singer/ Songwriter WLG graces the campfire
(not necessarily her best work--and a slightly interrupted piece thanks to the wee Jez-Monkey, but I'm experimenting with uploading videos with my new camera)


Gimme S'more Summer!

We went to the coast this weekend. Correction: we went almost as far west as you can go in a car...almost...and then got distracted by the sand dunes and freshwater lakes and never actually made it to the coastline. That's right--we camped about 1/4 mile from the ocean and never actually saw the Pacific. We were too busy.

Nope. Not the ocean. Inland, freshwater lake surrounded by sand dune.
  Nope, not the beach. Sand dune.
 Nope, not a desert nomad. Winona. 
It was a fun weekend of sunshine and family... 
a little one-two punch pushback to Fall. 

Papa Bear here seen fulfilling his duties as one who passes along the imperative and roots-affirming experiences of ones own childhood to the next generation... In this case, "Pinch-A-Butt." (You know, all hold pole, all run in circle trying to--at once--both avoid the pinch from behind and inflict a pinch ahead. Inevitably, get dizzy and fall down laughing really hard.)

Speaking of dizzy. Lie down on dune, put hands above head, engage core and give yourself over to gravity....all.......the......way.......down. 
Or, until you think you really might vomit. Whichever comes first.
 Showtime in the Trees!
 Showtime at the fire!
 I simply cannot hear another song without another round of cocoa.

This may be fun and yummy, but it's an artform, girls. Pay attention. And NO blackened marshmallow. I simply will not have it.
 Now, THAT's how it's done. 
 Note to self: S'mores take down more outfits than swimming, sand play, potty training and treeclimbing combined--pack accordingly.

On a personal note, I was glad to be media-free this weekend. I won't forget. I can't forget. I've had nightmares three times this week in "remembrance"--and no never before seen video! is going to help me make better sense of the insidious madness of 10 years ago today. Take me to the coast (or, um, really, really close to it, anyway) and give me giggles and songs. We will likely never know what happened on September 11th, really... so, what I choose to remember is how precious the moments are that we have here together, and how sweet it all is!


The First Day

Welcome, Winona Lou, to the beginning of what will greatly define, influence and consume the rest of your childhood and young adult life: school. 

I thought I'd be pretty stoic about the whole thing. I mean, it's not like we didn't know this was coming. And I was fine through this... 

"Good morning, Miss Antje."
 and this... "Ok! Last picture... now let's not be late for your first day!"
 It wasn't until I came out of the school, alone, having left the sweet girl in her classroom (happy and brave and totally content to say, "bye, mama!")... that I cried. I mean, look at her: all grown up. The night before, we did a little ceremony in which she blew out the candles at the end and made a wish to "put the alphabet all together so I can read a whole book." That day is coming soon, too. I'm sure the tears will flow again. 

Now that we're officially a "school-going" family, Labor Day felt very much like the last day of summer, even though the temperatures are hotter than they've been all year and we fully intend to get in a few more camping trips. Regardless, we celebrated the last official weekend day with a swim.

 ...and nothing says "summer day" like a good, cozy nap. 


Ah. Those Su-ummer Ni-ights...

Curious George wonders: 
Is it possible that there is so much cozy cuteness out there?

Why, yes, George, it is. We're all here, ready and waiting for the movie to begin, having eaten our tacos, grabbed our bowls of popcorn, and settled our moms in with their wine. 
Fun Fact: We are doing this in the backyard of Winona's KINDERGARTEN TEACHER! (She's as great as they come).