Life is FUN these days, ya'll. I get around on two feet more and more (although I still choose crawling when I want to get there quickly). I've discovered that if I say "One, Two, Three...," my mom and dad respond by yelling, "YEAH!". I'm finding that with my increased stability and speed, I can get the dogs pretty riled and playful. Usually they're fine with this, but Bodhi can be a little snippy about it...

My fav food: Apples-all fruit
My fav stuffed animal: Tigger and a little dog are the main players this week
My fav accessory: Check out my first pair of shoes.
My fav toy: books
My Fav Book: Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? and any book with a dog
My Fav Song: Old MacDonald Had a Farm (he had all dogs on his farm)
Most oft repeated phrases: More? Milk, please. DibbleDibbleDop (from Mr Brown Can Moo) Help please. Mama! Mama! WalkWalk. book? Bobo! NNNNNNNNO! and, of course, Daddy (it melts him every time).

Love to everyone! xoxo, Winnie