Sidewalk Chalk + Shades= Summertime

These shots give a pretty accurate glimpse into the personality of Winona Lou--She's SUCH fun these days! She's understanding most of what we say and has strong opinions about it. The picture below with furrowed brow shows Winona's consternation over anything "Hot"--in this case, the pavement. New words are creeping into her vocabulary daily and she's not shy about repeating them endlessly until she owns those words. (i.e. "Doggie! doggie!doggiedoggiedoggie MAMA!! DOGGIE!")

These shots also give a glimpse of the garden Mike has sown and nurtured this season. We're harvesting greens, blueberries, beets, spinach, sweet peas and enjoying gorgeous flowers... I LOVE that this is one of his hobbies.

Happy Birthday, United States!