Fairies and Dragons and Hippies, Oh My!
Here are a few shots of my adventure to Oregon Country Fair this weekend! I'm the fairy. Mom and Dad dressed me up and turns out I wasn't the only fairy there...turns out there were THOUSANDS of fairies...and elves, and wizards and butterflies and trees and birds and one or two hippies if you really looked for them(!). The costumes and the huge blue bird people on stiltz were my favorite...and the music...and the food...and it looks like this is going to have to be a tradition. Pictured below (not necessarily in this order): grooving to a funky big band-y group with dancers on stiltz, proving to my friend Althea that fairies really do have belly buttons, practicing to be Wonder Woman when I grow and , exploring the inside of a willow sculpture and, finally-- back in town, caught in the act of being one exhausted, disheveled, and very dirty fairy. See you next year, OCF!