Maybe it was the rain. Or the hail. Or the snow... but you know it was a pretty quiet weekend when Spaghetti Dinner gets the award for "Most Bloggable Event." I got to watch movies--Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book--so you didn't hear me complaining. Shots below show a reinactment of a favorite scene.

Daddy spent most of the weekend moving vegetable starts out of the cold and hail, then back into the warming sun, then back out of the cold and hail with startling regularity while mommy muttered things about layers of tank tops and fleece jackets and insisted on riding her bike in hail and freezing rain because, she says, It's SPRING! Amigo Miguel came to visit from LA--I sought reassurance from him that the "doggy under the truck is OK!" (lady and the tramp scene) no less than 3,800 times and he seemed like a pretty trustworthy guy, so I'm off to sleep soundly with no Disney-induced nightmares. Hopefully, we'll wake up to warmer, sunnier weather tomorrow! G'night!

(P.S. Mom would like me to fess up to being a WIGGLE WORM during my haircut yesterday afternoon, resulting in the downright silly bangs. She'll fix them when I'm 12 and sit still on command).