A few fun moments, quirks and antics of Winona Lou these days, Or, A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures:

Let's just start with the confession and get it out of the way: I have a swear word. When I get frustrated, I say "My Dangit!" I repeat it over and over until I get a rise out of mom or dad, but it usually takes awhile because they are trying to hide their amusement and it takes them a bit to compose themselves.

I have a new room! It's purple and green and twice the size of my last one. I am feeling quite proud and have decided that it's such a big girl room that I'm simply not going to wet the bed, anymore. One cannot sleep in a big girl room and maintain such toddler-like habits.

Telling stories is a great way to captivate mom and dad for long periods of time. I've learned to give them a choice, so they feel empowered and in conrol of the situation. It goes a little something like this: "Do you want to hear about the happy little girl, the duck in the pond or the piano?" They make a choice and I launch into a terrific tale.

At the moment, I'm sick. Nasty cough and a little fever. I'm keeping my spirits up and finding that being sick isn't so bad. I got to watch a lot of Sesame Street. It inspired me to lovingly
declare, "Mommy and Daddy, it's a beautiful day in the new TV room."

Spelling is not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. I like to give mom and dad pop quizzes such as "Q-R-C-T-S-O, what's that spell?" (Mom answers with silly things that sound like "qrctso" and so I have to break it to her that "No, mom. That's not it.")

I'm getting very good at my (unsolicited!) Pleases and Thank Yous these days. Excuse Me's have to wait until my laughing fit is over because I find burps and "fluffs" incredibly funny. So does Dad. Mom gets this "look," so I just focus on Dad.

Snuggle time is still my favorite time of day and I ask for it morning, noon and night. I nestle into the nooks and crannies of any body who will sit with me (I'm partial to Mom and Dad, but Bodhi or Lucy will do in a pinch). Mom's nooks and crannies are getting a little difficult to navigate these days, but I'm still pretty excited about this little brother or sister. (When asked "brother or sister" I almost always answer "brother," when the choice is "boy or girl," I am sure it's a girl... so I've narrowed it down as much as anyone!)

That's all for now. Bedtime! Love to everyone...