After an exhausting adventure at the park this morning, I found some sunshine to soak up while mom made lunch. Our bodies are suffering from mild shock from all of this Vitamin D and sudden bright light, but I'll take it. Life is good.
Mom was organizing baby clothes this weekend and stumbled across this fabulous treasure that somehow had not previously found its way into my dress up trunk. Thank goodness it was unearthed in time for Easter--that was CLOSE!
In other, less fun, news: I bonked my head pretty hard this evening. Blood, open wound, the whole bit. I was crying too hard to notice, but apparently Dad handles such situations really well, while mom (normally the rational and collected one as we all know, right? :) needed Dad to talk her off the ledge a few times. We'll blame the preggo hormones. I'm fine--the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and it's not nearly as bad as it originally seemed. Now, I'm fast asleep in mommy and daddy's bed so they can keep a close eye on me.