W: I went to visit my friends Ione and Linden yesterday. This is a pretty special treat for me--one that I talked about for months leading up to the adventure and will continue to talk about for months to come. Mostly, I focus on, "Can we go to Ione's house now, Mom?"

J: We all walked to a neighborhood park for a fun festival with music and cirus tricks and food and dancing. So I hear. I slept. But here you see Winona, (Linden's behind her), Ione on bike, Kiva, Chris, Chris's mom and Ben (Gamma Birdie is behind Chris). We were a fun parade on a beautiful summer day!
J: Winona SAYS she knows how to hula hoop. I see a lot of twistin' and shakin' and one big hoop lying on the ground, but don't tell her that.
J: In other news, however, Winona DOES know how to ride a bike! Who knew? She ran out on the COVETED flat sidewalks outside of Ione's house, jumped on Linden's bike and answered Chris' question of "Do you know how to ride?" with an enthusiastic, "YUP!" as he secured her helmet. Mom and I came out a few minutes later and silly mom said, "Winona doesn't know how to ride a bike." I know I'm new to things, but it sure looked like she was riding to me! Mom was so floored, she didn't remember to take a picture.
Ione's contemplating her Hula Strategy.
W and I: The teeter-totter balance boards were super fun. We might run away with the circus. We're good.

Gamma Birdie, you're the one who should be in the tree!
No, we will not look at the camera. We are busy.

And who can blame them? They were eating this: one of Kiva's TWO Peach Gallettes. What's a gallette, you ask? Well see here one of Kiva's TWO (did we mention she made two?) dessert gallettes made with fresh, locally grown peaches. Melissa, we dedicate this to you, as whipping out a peach gallette--er, make that TWO peach gallettes-- on a day of getting four kids under the age of 4 to and fro a park festival seemed like something you could and would do!

W : My mom opted for sitting on the couch. We didn't mind. So long as SOMEONE was baking dessert.
And, as every good houseguest should, I was sure to mow their lawn in a tutu before I left.