J: Had my 2 month appt with my pediatrician today (a couple of weeks late but who's counting? Not my mom, apparently). I'm not complaining, however, because if it were up to me, I'd postpone these unfortunate appointments until my teenage years. Nothing fun at all about being poked and prodded.

To add insult to injury, my Doctor teased my mom about not washing my neck, to which my mom replied, "Neck? She has a neck? I thought the neck came in about the same time as the teeth."

I'm not laughing.
But, here are the stats: 23 3/4" long. (79th percentile) 12lbs. 6 ozs (69th percentile) and a 15 3/4" head (65th percentile).

And this I throw in here, because
I need the world to know that although I may have a dirty, seemingly
non-existent neck, I have my pride. My sister, on the other hand...There's a video, too, which I may have to post at a future date.