W: I pledge allegiance, to s'mores... We celebrated the gorgeous fall weather by heading out to the arboretum for a fall festival, featuring Smokey the Bear, art projects, tree climbing and three campfires over which we could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. The guys giving out the food were funny, bellowing things like, "Hot dogs and marshmallows--we promise not a single trace of nutritional value!" "Come get your sugar and filler! Don't tell your parents!"

I happily obliged.

Then we got to pet horses...and take a nature walk. Great day!

J: I'm just over here getting bigger, stronger and more vocal. I've discovered my high vocal range which I thought would come in useful this morning to be sure that mom was awake. Yup. She was. She must like it because she said something about being lucky I was so cute...
Last night we had Kid Party Fun at our house while our friends' parents went out to a concert. With 6 kids under the age of 5, we didn't get a chance to take any pictures (!), but we had a blast!