It's officially a month out, but for all practical purposes, spring is in the air. Days are getting longer and this is one. happy. mama. Now I yield to Winnie and Jez to let you know what we were up to yesterday.

W: The day our car won't start turns out to be a good day to stay at home, anyway. The sun is shining and the backyard calls me to explore...

..make fairy boats,

build bridges,

and play, Sink or Swim? with moss, sticks, rocks, leaves and grass.
I have to say that I like a broken car.

J. Also a good day to sit by the creek and check out the surroundings.

By which I mean, of course--

--eat the surroundings.

There are just so many things to taste test in this world.

It's also as good of a day as any to express, once again, my complete loathing for naps.
Seriously, you'd think they'd catch on.
WHile Jezzie "napped," we baked bread. I love to help cook and I'm getting pretty adept in the kitchen, if I do say so myself. Among other things, I can crack eggs (and actually keep the shell out of the dish), measure and sift flour and mix anything. I also do a bang up job of cleaning the spoons. (Does licking count?)
Happy Weekend!!!!