May= Sidewalk Chalk. Don't ask me why I'm wearing wool tights on this hot afternoon. My explanation would have to include why I insist on tank tops and skirts when it's 36 degrees and I'd lose you. I know, because I've tried explaining this to my mom 47 times and she just doesn't get it.
I am on the move. I stand and actually took what some might call a step today. Other might call it a stumble forward on my plummet to the ground, but those are the cynics.

My mom is teaching me to become a witch. She is enabled and encouraged by a friend of hers who sent her this awesome book of "Potions and Concoctions."
Okay, so despite my sly look, it's nothing all that supernatural. It's actually just a really fun exploration of how make stuff instead of buy stuff. Like detangler and facial cleanser.
Easy. Fun and so yummy smelling you want to drink it. Or I did, anyway. And tried, but was foiled again.

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  1. Oh, wow! Look at that! How fun. I'm so, so glad you like the little book as much as I do. And, seriously, Jezzy looks so freakin' cute.