Birthdays are, decidedly, the best days of the year. I, Winona, am especially fond of celebrations marked by road trips, 
adventures and yummy treats. 
Mom's birthday weekend was exceptional on all fronts.
 A weekend at the Oregon coast is good for the soul. 
 Hot cocoa with a view. 
 "If ever oh ever a Wiz there was, the Wizard of Oz is one because...because because because because beCAAAAAUSE!..." ...because he lets mommy and daddy nap....do do do do do do do. do do.
 Not sure if she was forever emotionally scarred by Lucy's 6 week disappearance or if she just really likes leashes, but this kid gets distraught when the dogs are running free and not at the end of the leash. Distraught, I tell you. 
 She recovered quickly, determined to take the matter into her own hands.
 I'm taking the leash, mom. Someone has got to care for these animals.
 Let GO of the leash, mom.

 Got 'em. You can thank me with ice cream. 
 Only now can I relax and play in the sand.
 Hi Mom... 35!!!

 Some may think "beach" and think "swim suits." Those people don't live here.
The sun did come out, and we soaked it up. 

 The trees are all twisted and bendy from the coastal winds. 
Or from the magic of the tree fairies. You decide. 

 I'll be out here wishing SOMEONE would just FOCUS and build me a sandcastle. 
300 of them, actually. 300 would be great. 

I think we officially have a Julie Birthday Tradition... That's three years running and I don't think any of us see any reason to break with such a good thing.

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