The First Day

Welcome, Winona Lou, to the beginning of what will greatly define, influence and consume the rest of your childhood and young adult life: school. 

I thought I'd be pretty stoic about the whole thing. I mean, it's not like we didn't know this was coming. And I was fine through this... 

"Good morning, Miss Antje."
 and this... "Ok! Last picture... now let's not be late for your first day!"
 It wasn't until I came out of the school, alone, having left the sweet girl in her classroom (happy and brave and totally content to say, "bye, mama!")... that I cried. I mean, look at her: all grown up. The night before, we did a little ceremony in which she blew out the candles at the end and made a wish to "put the alphabet all together so I can read a whole book." That day is coming soon, too. I'm sure the tears will flow again. 

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