A few Winona quotes that, along with the pictures, will tell you more than any of my narrative ever could.
Winnie (shy and giggly): This is a picture of me marrying Toa. I kinda think he's....(giggle giggle); he's kinda...."
Dad: You have a crush on him?
Winona (lights up):  YES! I have a crush. (shyness gone--no holding back now) He's nice and funny and I like him like I like Connor and the boy who played Jack in Into the Woods (this one was news to me)."
"I'll marry Toa, but Connor still has my heart."
(Sorry, Jack. Don't know where that leaves you. 
Maybe as the cool boy next door with the rockin' bean stalk).

 And this, well; no narrative to go with it, but it hardly needs commentary.

Other recent quotes worth, er, quoting:
(Sung, in an improv session with Mike at the piano and Winnie singing)
"I sing the songs I promised to my soul."

A few days ago, on a deep October autumn day bikeride:
"Look, mom! That tree looks like a Candy Corn Tree!" (Yellow leaves with hot orange ends--it totally did); 
Then, Jezebel 47 times with increasing frantic energy: Where candy tree? Where? Where Candy Tree? Where? (you get the picture).

Tonight, driving home,
Sleepily, "Mama, I've been watching since we left the party and I'm pretty sure that star is coming home with us." 

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  1. Mia Ramsey7:10 PM

    Those quotes are PRICELESS! I love her!