On A Clear Day, You Can See Forever

Theoretically, I went to work today. I putzed around, cleaned off my desk and responded to an email or two before the BRIGHT SUN could no longer be ignored. I swung by home to pick up the wee gals and furry pups and off we went to a nearby beloved hiking spot.
We VERY nearly summitted... and would have had it not been for the sky to begin to show the subtle beginnings of a beauteous sunset. A sign for me that we should take a quick rest and then turn around and head back before too much darkness or cold set in. 

Only had my phone camera on me, so you can't really see the four white capped mountains in the distance, but we could see them clearly... Fantastic!

I could almost hear Lucy saying, "We used to do this like 4 times a week before the two legged kids came along, you know." I know, Lu. I know.

Dude. That was a serious hike and nap.  FEED ME! Latkes and applesauce! Happy Hanukkah!

Visions of Sugarplums Danced In Their Heads...

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