There is a big ball of yellow up in the middle of a blue sky. 
Temperatures are soaring to heights that have inspired me pack up the wool hats and replace them with sun hats. We just got back from a fabulous family bike ride and the girls are, well... see for yourself:

Swimsuits and lemonade!

 Garden picnics!

 And a new bike!  No Training Wheels...I can't quite do it, yet,  but soon!

In other news, I LOVE to help cook. Like.... really, really love it. I will stay focused on a task ("grate the cheese" or "cut the avocado") for great lengths of time and then ask, "Can I help? Can I help, please?"
Pretty soon, I'll be sending Winnie to the store on her bike to get the ingredients for Jez to make dinner. But, alas, not tonight. Off so see what's for dinner! :)

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