Here's Winona Lou at the stage door, perfectly and pinkarrifically ready for PINKALICIOUS!
If it sounds like a painful and terrible show, you're right... but because this little adorable star was in it--along with some of her darling friends, it was a very enjoyable (and thankfully ONE hour long) show...

I wasn't very good at getting pictures during the show, but will ask around to see if anyone else was. In the meantime, here she is getting the big kids' autographs (a really great group of young teens whom Winnie is growing quite fond of...)

 ...and close on her heels: 

And the very best part: the party with friends and fellow cast members afterwards. 

Here's a snippet of Cupcake Dreams... 

Winnie and I were talking tonight about how one of her New Year's Dreams was to "perform on stage." Here we are: half way through the year and she's been on four different stages, performing two full-length musicals, a solo act in a talent show and an invitation-only performance for the Staff and Volunteer Appreciation event at her school (reprise of talent show number). I gushed with pride, then tried to gently break it to her that we would not be keeping up this pace for the balance of the year. 

I think she only heard the first part, because she nodded a lot then said, "They're doing Into the Woods this summer and I can not WAIT!"

Ah, "The Bug."

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