Halloween Party Time! Isn't my daddy a cutie? He promises not to do this when I'm a teenager (but I don't believe it for a second). I'm a ladybug, not a strawberry, which would be more obvious if my antennas weren't drooping behind my head.

Early on in the night, there were games for kids (I was more interested in watching the madness).

Later on in the night, there were fewer balloons and mummy games, and more adult beverages and dancing. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite costumes (The Phone Tree, THe Chicken and the My Space Page (he had a polaroid camera with him and kept adding friends all night, and kept a tally of his growing numbers on a post-it pad. His back had 5 wipe boards and markers for comments. best costume ever). And, finally, here I am with my buddy Cole, the Lion.