At a roadside farmer's market on our way home from a hike yesterday....

It was a gorgeous and unseasonably warm weekend, so we took a few hikes to celebrate. Mom and Dad are starting to understand that when I bellow WALK! from the backpack, I'm not just commenting on the activity, but I really want to WALK! They get a little antsy about my pace, but they have no idea how many acorns, leaves, sticks and flowers that they are passing up without giving them the close inspections they are due. I can tell you that of the 489 acorns I found this weekend, very few of them actually had hats. Now that's information mom and dad would not have had to pass along to you. In other field report news, Lucy and I can attest to the fact that the river water was freezing cold, but we both made repeated trips into its depths to be sure.

Took a hayride this afternoon--through pumpkin patches and christmas tree lots. Saw cows, goats and turkeys... and a bald eagle soared above us for a long time!