We just got back from a fabulous visit to see Grammy, Grampa Phil, Grampa Art, Uncle Todd and lots of friends. Puppet Shows, blueberries, picking plums off of Grammy and G'pa Phil's plum tree and eating them faster than mom could say, "too green! belly ache!", Canine Cousins Abby and Bruno, the airplane ride with its "TINY bathrooms" and "bouncing around" aka turbulence, playdough and my first (real) haircut were highlights...in addition to the fun time with my family!

On the way to LA...

All mommy could say was, "Well, if you would have sat that still for ME, it would have looked this good MONTHS ago."

Bob Barker's Marionette Show kept the big kids happily entertained, as well as the little ones. A clown sat in my lap and I talk about it frequently...

Grammies and G'pas and books oh my!

Is this what they call jetlag?

Back to my own bedroom to tuck in my friends. Good night!