The good news is that I went on my very first rafting trip down the Mighty Willamette River today! The bad news is that mom dropped the camera into the very wet bottom of the boat and it took on more water than it could withstand. No visuals for awhile. But back to the good news:

Water is running high in the Pac Northwest this season (all that snow is melting) and so most rocks are deeply submerged, clearing our path and pushing our boats along at a good pace. It was quick enough to keep us all entertained, but mellow enough to keep the parents from getting panicky. It was a beauteous run (Springfield to Eugene-1.5 hours-ish) for our party of five rafts, two dogs, 12 adults, 9 kids, one kayak and a partridge in a pair tree.

Wildlife sightings: 1 Blue Heron, 2 Osprey, many homo sapiens: bikers, bladers, skaters, runners and hikers along the bike path that hugs the north bank.

We took out at a riverside park in downtown Eugene and had a birthday party picnic to celebrate Orion and Sadie's second time around the sun. Now, post-napum, we're cleaning up the garden, cleaning out some closets and starting to fill boxes ominously marked, "Garage Sale."