It's been a beauteous weekend spent in celebration of the good things: family, friends and spring. It was Mikey's birthday today, which brought Friend Miguel (as Nona calls him) to town for a visit. He taught Winona how to play basketball--something that she (shockingly) had not learned from her parents. Also celebrated a six year old friend's birthday today with swimming, games and a princess castle cake which has set the Birthday Cake Standard for all of us. (Thanks a ton, parents. You know who you are and I'm buying your kid a drum kit next year).

Saturday was sunny and warm, bordering on hot. A day spent in t-shirts and flip flops, putzing in the garden, by which I mean to say strolling around the garden, picking at weeds here and there, in awe of how spring really WORKS. Sure enough... buds, green and blossoms.
Here, on a blueberry bush...
Here, on a little patch of wonder in our front yard.

And, here.
Even when the sun shines, we need to sleep (this is a view from my perspective; camera pointed down at babe asleep in papoose).
Or, come home from the library with a Mexican market bag full of books, and spend an hour perusing the haul.

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