Happy Earth Day. Julie here... to say that I failed Earth Day. I bought a book that has to be shipped from Arizona. I took my car to a neighborhood meeting (you do the math), I used a paper cup for my water at said meeting, and turned the faucet on to fill the dog bowl and FORGOT about it long enough to drain the nearest resevoir. Oh, and I just packed Jezzy's bag for day care tomorrow with disposable diapers (they're leftover from a trip and it would just be a shame to let them go to the landfill unused, right?)
We got one thing right... we picked a salad from our front yard.
I ate it with all the redemptive gumption I could muster.
And said a little prayer to mother earth, promising that I would be better tomorrow. Happy Earth Day, every day. Thank goodness.
And, now, for your listening enjoyment: Winona Lou sings "A Fine White Horse" from, you guessed it, The Secret Garden.

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