W: We aren't playing just ANY song here. We're doing a very special Happy Birthday song for sweet Jezebel who turned ONE today!!!

J: You're a killer guitarist, Win, loved the song-- but your cake decorating skills leave a bit to be desired. I'll be two before you're done. Could you speed it up? I've been waiting a year to taste sugar.
Seriously, I'm going to have to use my loud voice to let you know how I'm feelin' over here.
In a word: hungry.
Ok, now you're just losing me.

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about. . Oh yeah. That's good. Well done.

I'm one.

Oh, and I walk. I am still choosing all fours when speed is of the essence (i.e. racing Winona, Bodhi or Lucy to a toy or dropped piece of food), but I walk.

I'm one. I walk. I have my very own doll now. I also have a bit of Oregon Wilderness preserved in my name (thank you, Aunt Jenny and Uncle Tom!!!). I squeal with delight when my sister plays games with me, which is often. I love to play music and dance. I crack my parents up with my ability to communicate with my intent squawks and squeals. I do NOT crack my parents up with my inability to sleep through the night... still. But back to the good stuff: I'm one.
And I really like chocolate cake.

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